How to Download Yahoo Videos

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The Internet has become a powerful tool not just for reading the news, but for seeing and hearing it as well. The latest technology has made it possible for videos and sound clips to be easily accessible, which is even true for fun multimedia like music videos. Using Yahoo, it's possible to have access to all kinds of videos, whether for fun, leisure or learning.

Download Yahoo Music Videos

Go to the home page of the Yahoo Music Web site (see Resources below). From here, you can find any of the videos you wish to download.

Move your mouse over the 'Music Videos' menu bar to bring up a context menu. This will include a number of great ways to find the videos you want to download.

Choose one of the 'Music Videos' menu options to search for your videos to download. You can search by artist, genre, song title and even by release date.

Download Yahoo News Videos

Head to the Yahoo home page to find the many different news videos you can download (see Resources below). It's possible to click on the different links in the navigation pane to find videos available.

Click on any link on any page that contains an icon shaped like a video camera. This icon indicates that the story has an associated video attached, or is only available in video form. Some interior pages load with text followed by a video in a separate browser.

Search for news stories or other topics in the search field, and set the focus of the search for videos by clicking the 'Video' link above the search field.

Click the 'Video' link in the menu bar to get direct access to all of the news stories that contain videos to download. You can click the 'More Videos' link to see a larger selection of videos, as well as search by specific categories.


  • check Close unnecessary programs when you download or stream videos. Some programs consume a lot of resources, making certain computer processes take longer when your computer is otherwise busy.
  • check If you're not able to get your videos to play, consider heading to the Yahoo Help section for more detailed answers (see Resources below).


  • close Don't look at objectionable materials while at work. Some videos on Yahoo Music may contain explicit images or language, and you may run into trouble if your Internet activities are being monitored.

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