How to Download Windows Mobile 5

By Dyce

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Windows Mobile is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It is specifically designed for use in smartphones, PDAs and other mobile devices. Windows Mobile 5.0, originally code-named "Magneto," is known for efficiently storing and retrieving data from RAM and flash memory to preserve battery life as well as back up data if power is suddenly lost. It also includes a newer version of Office, called Office Mobile, which allows you access to PowerPoint Mobile as well as Graphing capability in Excel Mobile.

This mobile operating system can be downloaded and installed for free.

Step 1

Check your system requirements to make sure that your computer as well as your mobile device are compatible with the new software. Your computer will need to run either Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or Windows XP. Your mobile device will require at least 64 megs of ROM, 64 megs of RAM and an ARM-compatible processor (such as the Intel XScale or the Samsung and Texas Instruments ARM compatibles).

Step 2

Download the specific version of Microsoft Mobile that you need for free at Then find the software that you downloaded on the desktop and execute it while your mobile device is connected to your computer via USB cable.

Step 3

Allow the installation to commence. Most Windows Mobile software is installed to your mobile device using ActiveSync, a synchronization utility already present on all computers with Windows XP. This means that the software will automatically install files to your computer's hard drive, connect with your mobile device and then copy the needed files to your device's memory.

Step 4

Install the Adaption Kit Upgrade (AKU). Installing AKU is similar to installing the Service Packs for Windows XP, in that it increases functionality and security of the basic operating system. The current AKU for Windows Mobile 5 is 3.5 and can be downloaded from as well.