How to Download Windows Media Center

by Meaghan Ellis

Windows Media Center is multimedia support platform in recent Windows operating systems. This platform is used to for media files, such as streaming television and video files, audio and digital picture files. Windows Media Center also allows you to watch cable on your computer. Downloading Windows Media Center is a little different from other application downloads and installation.

Go to the Windows Media Center website. (See Resources for a link.)

Click on the "Downloads" tab at the top of the screen when the Windows Media Center homepage opens.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and browse through the list of download options to locate the Windows Media Center download compatible with your operating system. Click on your operating system tab and select "Windows Media Center" in the sublist in the middle pane of the screen.

Click on "Download" and select the "Save" option to store the application to your hard drive.

Follow the instructions to install the application. Select the "Express" installation method and all other recommended settings. Do not change any settings or configurations if you are not aware of the consequences.

Click "Finish" in the last InstallShield wizard window. Your computer will shut down and reboot.


  • close Windows Media Center works only with Microsoft's most recent operating systems. Before you install the application, make sure your operating system meets the minimum requirements. (See the Resources section.)

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