How to Download Windows Mail for Vista

By LangstonD

Email stands for electronic mail.
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Windows Mail is now known as Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail is an email and newsgroup application that allows the user to check multiple email accounts on a single client application. Windows Live Mail is the successor to Microsoft Outlook, which isn't being developed anymore. Like any email application, Windows Live Mail requires the user to set up an email account on any of the various email providers such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, MSN Mail, Hotmail and AOL Mail.

Visit the Microsoft homepage at Roll the mouse over the downloads section and click the Windows Vista link in the roll-down menu.

Find the Windows Live Mail icon that is usually below the blue Windows download letterhead. Click the icon to load up the next Web page that will lead you to the download (see Resources).

Select the language that you wish to download and click the download button. The program will download. Double-click the installation setup file and then press "next" when an onscreen prompt shows up asking if you would like to continue the installation.

Agree to the terms of agreement and software disclaimer by pressing the "Agree" button. Select the folder directory that you wish to install Windows Mail into or you can leave it as the default.

Press "Install" and wait for the installation process to run its cross. Press "Close" once the installation setup tells you the software was installed successfully. You've completed the installation.