How to Download Windows DVD Maker

by Mitchell White

Windows DVD Maker is a free program that's native to Windows Vista. You'll need Vista or higher in Windows in order to run the program. This piece of software allows you to create DVDs that will work on your television's external DVD player using video files on your computer. Check your computer's manual to make sure you have the DVD burn hardware required to use the program properly. The program is available for free download from Microsoft.


Navigate to Microsoft's Windows DVD Maker download page (see "Resources").


Click the "Continue" button to begin the validation process, which Microsoft requires in order for you to download your software. This ensures that you're running a properly registered version of Windows.


Click "Continue" once again on the new page. Enter the validation code generated in the "Validation Code" text box on this Web page.


Click the "Validate" button to finish the validation process. Click on the new link generated to download your Windows DVD Maker installation file.

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