How to Download a Video From a Website & Copy & Paste the URLs

By Chris Brake

Download videos from Websites by copying and pasting the URL into a video downloader.
i adress bar image by Wiktor Osiecki from

Many online video Websites do not include an option for users to download a copy of the video directly. But there are many online video downloading Websites that exist specifically to enable downloading of online videos. In order to use these Websites to download a video, users must first know how to copy and paste the video URLs.

Open a Web browser and load an online video. Double-click the address bar at the top of the Web browser to select the video's URL.

Right-click on the selected URL, then click "Copy" from the context menu that appears. The URL will now be stored to the clipboard.

Go to a video downloading Website such as ClipNabber, VideoDL or File2HD. Right-click the empty URL text box and select "Paste" from the context menu to paste the video URL from the clipboard.

Click the "Nab," "Get It" or "Get" button to view the download link for the video file. Right-click on the video download link and select "Save As" to download the file to the hard drive.