How to Download a Webinar Stream Using RealPlayer

by Quinten Plummer

Webinars, or Web broadcasts of seminars and lectures, can provide you with access to lecturers who may not be accessible to you at an actual seminar. In most cases, you can replay webinar videos after the lecture has ended. And if you'd like to save a copy of a webinar on your computer, RealPlayer's Record feature can help you capture webinars and store them in the player's library.

Highlight the direct link to the webinar. Right-click on the link, and then select the "Copy" option from the pop-up menu that appears. If the webinar video is embedded in a Web page, play the video. Right-click on the embedded video, and then select the "Play in RealPlayer" option. Proceed to Step 5.

Launch Real Player. Download and install a free copy of the player if you don't already have it (see Resources).

Click on the "RealPlayer" button at the top of the program. Highlight the "File" heading beneath the button, and then select "Open."

Right-click on the "Open" field, and then select "Paste" from the pop-up menu that appears. Click "OK."

Press RealPlayer's "Record" button. The "Record Clip" menu will appear. Click on the bubble next to the "Replay and record from the beginning" option.

Click on the "Record Clip" menu's "OK" button to begin capturing your webinar stream. The file will be saved to Real Player's library.


  • check If your webinar is a live stream, you'll need to hit the "Stop" button once the webinar has concluded. On-demand streams will stop automatically.

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