How to Download Waypoints Into a GPS Garmin

by Melissa King

Garmin's line of GPS navigation products allows users to reach almost any destination by following audible turn-by-turn directions. Many GPS devices also come loaded with a points-of-interest database that shows locations like lodging, gas stations and emergency services on the map. Most Garmin devices allow custom waypoints and routes to be created and used. Using Garmin's MapSource software, waypoints can be transferred to your Garmin device.


Connect your Garmin device to the computer using a USB cable. Power on the device, and set the Data Transfer mode to "Garmin." This may not be necessary with some Garmin devices.


Download and install MapSource (see Resources for a link), then run the software. Create a waypoint by clicking on the "Flag" icon, or "Tools," then "Waypoint." Click on the area of the map you wish to use as your waypoint. Change the details that appear, if desired, then click "OK" to save it.


Click "Transfer" and "Send to Device." If the name of your Garmin device does not appear automatically, click "Find Device."


Click the "Waypoint" box under "What to Send," and choose all of the waypoints you want to install on the device. Click "Send" and "Turn Off GPS After Transfer." The waypoints are downloaded to the device.

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