How to Download Wallpapers on a Mac

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

Most of the computer users who own Macs are die-hard Apple fans. The artistic and creative reputation of Mac computers and programs allows young professionals to express themselves in a number of ways. You can download wallpapers on a Mac in a few simple steps to add a subtle artistic touch to your desktop.

Begin to address your wallpaper needs on your Mac by bringing your cursor to the Apple icon in your tool bar. This icon is located on the far left of the tool bar at the top of your screen and provides a list of display features.

Select "System Preferences" from the Apple menu to prepare your computer for the wallpaper download. This menu leads you to an icon called "Desktop," which allows you to manage every aspect of your Mac's appearance.

Save pictures and images that you download for use as wallpaper in the "Picture" file so you can access them easily on your Mac. You can access your documents from the "Finder" icon on the "Dock" menu along the side of your screen.

Upload photos from your digital camera onto your Mac to increase the potential wallpapers for your desktop. You can connect the memory card into your Mac's USB port and access the appropriate drive through the Mac "Finder."

Click twice on the "Photo" file and double click again on the appropriate photo to complete editing before using it as wallpaper. Your photo will pop up in your default photo editor and you can use the Mac's resolution limitations to establish boundaries for your creativity.

Access "iTunes" through your Mac to locate album covers, art and other materials promoted through Apple for download as wallpaper. Apple will occasionally place images ready for use as wallpapers up on "iTunes," but you can also copy images directly from its website (see Resources below).

Search for seasonal or special wallpapers for your Mac through Apple's Downloads page (see Resources below). This page offers safe and complete wallpaper files ranging from promotional wallpapers for artists to backgrounds related to upcoming holidays.


Head to your Mac's "Finder" preferences to deal with your tool bar and Dock icons. The "Finder" icon is next to the "Apple" icon, across the top of your screen, and allows you to change the size of icons to decrease obstruction of wallpaper.

Items you will need

  • Memory card

  • USB cable

  • iTunes

  • Photo editor