How to Download Videos From World Star Hip Hop

By Steve Gregory

The World Star Hip Hop website features videos related to the urban and hip hop market, and includes interviews, music videos and candid moments in the urban community. Videos are uploaded to the website by staff and users alike. If you see a video on the website that you want to download to your computer, use a website that converts online video to a downloadable video file to perform the task.

Step 1

Launch a Web browser, then go to the World Star Hip Hop Web page that has the video you want to download.

Step 2

Copy the Web page's URL, then go to a file conversion website. Convert.file, Zamar and Free File Converter are examples of sites that offer free file conversion.

Step 3

Click the "Download Videos" or "URL Download" option, or select the "Download it From" check box, depending on the website, then paste the URL in the open text box.

Step 4

Click the "Format" or "Output Format" drop-down box, then select the format you want to use from the list. For example, select "Windows Media Video File (.wmv)" to view the video on Windows Media Player.

Step 5

Click the "Convert" button. If applicable, enter your email address in the "Email Address" box for the website to send the video file to your email address. The website converts the file to the format you selected and displays the results when the process is completed.

Step 6

Click the "Download" button or the name of the file when it appears. If you elected to have the website email you the video file, click on the file in the email.

Click "Save" or "Save Target As" when prompted to download the World Star Hip Hop video file to your computer.