How to Download Videos From a Sony HD Camcorder

By Sarah Thomas

Use a USB cable to download videos from your Sony HD camcorder.
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If you've recorded a video on your Sony HD camcorder, transferring that video onto a computer allows you to save it, share it or edit it easily. Transferring the video from your video camera to the computer will be specific to your model of camera, with specific instructions for your camera located within the owner's manual. A USB cable allows you to quickly download videos to your computer for most Sony HD camcorders.

Plug the AC adapter into the camera and insert the other end into a wall outlet. The AC adapter gives the camera power so that it does not run out of power during the download.

Insert one end of the USB cable into the camera, unless your camera is a model with a built-on USB cable. Place the USB end into the USB port on your computer.

Ensure that both the video camera and computer are powered on.

Press "USB Connect" from the menu on the camcorder's screen. You can also access this setting by navigating through the "Menu" then "Setup" and "Connections."

View the menu that has appeared on your computer screen. Select where you want the download to go by clicking on "PMB" then selecting "Tools" and "Settings," and then "Import media files to." Determine where you want the video and make your selection.

Select "Import" from the menu to download the videos onto your computer.