How to Download Video From Someone's Facebook

By Jeff Grundy

Facebook often ranks as the first or second most popular website on the Internet.
i Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Facebook has more than a billion active members, and, as a result, the mega-site has billions of photos and videos posted by users. Consequently, chances are good that you will occasionally see videos you enjoy and perhaps want to download. Unlike photos users post on the site, Facebook does not offer a native "Download" link for videos, nor does it provide any other means of downloading videos you did not post yourself. Nevertheless, several free websites exist that make it relatively simple to download virtually any Facebook video.

Step 1

Open you Web browser and navigate to the Facebook login page. Log in to Facebook with your username and password.

Step 2

Browse pages and Timelines of friends, companies and groups you follow. Find a Facebook post with a link to a video you want to download and save to your computer.

Step 3

Right-click on the video thumbnail image in the post, and then click "Copy Link Location" if using Firefox. If using Chrome as your browser, right-click the thumbnail image and click "Copy Link Address." For Internet Explorer, right-click the thumbnail and click "Copy Shortcut."

Step 4

Open a new tab in your browser. Navigate to a website that enables you to download Facebook videos to your computer. Sites such as, Video Grabber and are all free websites that let you download online videos from Facebook with a couple of mouse clicks.

Step 5

Position the mouse cursor inside the "URL" or "Video URL" field on the homepage of the video download site. Press the "Ctrl+V" keys to paste the link for the Facebook video inside the field.

Step 6

Click the "Download," "Fetch," "Grab It" or other similarly named button on the video download website. Wait a few seconds for the site to connect to Facebook and locate the video file associated with the link you entered.

Step 7

Click "Download" or "Save to Computer" on the video download site. Click "Run" if prompted by your Web browser. Wait a few seconds for the video website to generate the download link.

Step 8

Click the "Download this Video" or "Download" button again. Select a folder on your computer in which to save the video, and then click "Save" or "OK." Your Web browser downloads the Facebook video and saves it to the selected folder.