How to Download Video From a Panasonic Video Camera

By Matthew Burley

Use a USB cable to download videos from your Sony HD camcorder.
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Learning to use a new piece of electronics equipment, such as a Panasonic video camera, can be frustrating. While it feels good to complete your education and successfully record a video of an important moment, this is not where the process ends. Recorded videos need to be downloaded to a computer or storage device before they can be distributed to friends or family members. Additionally, these video files are taking up space on your camcorder's memory card or hard drive, preventing you from recording more videos.

Step 1

Insert your Panasonic camcorder's software disc into the disc drive on your computer, which will launch the program's installation wizard.

Step 2

Follow the prompts from the installation wizard to install the software to your computer.

Step 3

Connect the device end of the camcorder's USB cable to the USB port on the camcorder. The exact location of the USB port will vary among devices, but it's typically found near the input for the battery charger.

Step 4

Insert the other end of the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer.

Step 5

Turn on the camcorder, and then adjust the "Mode" dial to the "PC" option. This will automatically launch the camcorder software you previously installed.

Step 6

Select the "Copy to PC" option.

Step 7

Select the "Source" location of the recorded video on your Panasonic video camera. Depending on your specific camcorder model, this could be either a memory card or a hard drive.

Step 8

Specify the location on your computer to where you would like to download the video files.

Step 9

Click the "Start copying" button.