How to Download a Video Clip & Save to a Computer

By Mitchell White

Many video clips on the Internet play directly from a Web browser rather than a video program. If you want to watch one of these videos while offline or while using a portable device, you'll need to save and download the file to your computer. This can be done using free-conversion websites and capture programs available for download online. Keep in mind that it is illegal to download copyrighted video clips if you don't have permission.

Navigate to "Convert Files" (see "Resources"). Click the "or download it from" option. Paste the website address for your video clip into the text box. Click "Convert" to create a link for downloading your new file. Click the link to begin download.

Visit the Zamzar website (see "Resources"). Select files or URL to convert. Choose the format in which you want to convert. Enter your email address to receive converted files. Click "Convert."

Download and install YouTube Downloader (see "Resources"). Copy the address of a YouTube video clip and it will automatically paste into the open YouTube program. Click "Download" to download the file in FLV format.