How to Download uTorrent

by Contributor

UTorrent is a file sharing program that gives you access to games, music, movies and documents. It's one of the most popular file sharing programs available online because of its speed. Download uTorrent as a much faster alternative to average file sharing programs like Kazaa.

Go to the uTorrent homepage and click "Download" in the top middle of the screen.

Click "Save" when a window pops up asking you to run or save the file. Save the file to your desktop so you can find it easily.

Double click the uTorrent icon that is now located on your desktop. Read over the terms of service and select the "I Agree" box before you click "Next" to install uTorrent to your computer.

Set your Internet connection speed to ensure you're downloading and uploading at a rate optimal for your particular Internet connection.

Launch uTorrent by clicking the uTorrent icon.

Search for files in the upper right of the window. To download, find a file you want and click "Open" and "With uTorrent." Make this your default option for .torrent files.


  • check Enable uTorrent to bypass your firewall for increased speed.
  • check Keep your uploading speed low unless you are finished downloading.


  • close Some types of file sharing may be illegal in your area. Check your local laws or consult an attorney about legality.

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