How to Download and Use Website Templates

by Taylor Patrick

There are hundreds -- or even thousands -- of places on the Internet where you can find website templates for free or for purchase. A template can help you create a professional-looking website in very little time. Some templates only require to change the text and you're done. You will need to choose a template based upon your specific needs for appearance, function and ease of use. Downloading is a simple process, but installation may require some time and a bit of knowledge.

Search for template sites online, looking for a template that suits your needs. If you're creating a website for a business such as real estate or accounting, you can find several templates with themes suited to those industries. If you're creating a personal website, find a design that suits your personality or the topics you'll be covering on your website. Note which platforms the templates are designed to work on. Some are for use with Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage or WordPress. Note that Dreamweaver and FrontPage would need to be purchased if they didn't come with your computer. WordPress can be downloaded for free.

Download the template by clicking on the "Download" button on the page where you found the template. If it isn't free, you will have to purchase it before you will have access to a download link.

Unzip the files after they've been downloaded onto your computer. Double-click on the Zip file, or right-click and select "Unzip File". You will be prompted to select a place to which to extract the files. Create a new folder on your computer with a name and location that you will remember.

Upload the files. Your website hosting provider may have an online file manager so you can transfer the files to their server. If not, you will need to download an FTP program. You can find various FTP programs for free online. Connect to your host using your username, password and FTP address. Contact your host for this information if you don't know it. Upload the template into the public_html folder if you can find this folder on your host's server. If you can't, contact your host and ask them for the appropriate place to upload the files.

Access your administration panel through your website platform. This could be WordPress, FrontPage, Dreamweaver or another program. You will generally need a username and password to access it. You can change the text and make some design adjustments if the template allows.

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