What Is Download Updater (AOL LLC)?

by Denise Sullivan

The Download Updater (AOL LLC) connects to AOL's network to periodically check for updates to the version of AOL currently installed on your computer. The program runs continually in the background and downloads the latest updates when necessary. If a new update is available, the utility will ask you if you want to install it before proceeding.

Installing and Uninstalling

The Download Updater is initially installed on your computer as part of the AOL browser package. You are not given the opportunity to refuse installation of this utility. If you decide later that you do not want it, you can uninstall the program through the Windows Control Panel, You can also double-click on the Uninstall.exe file located in the same folder as the Download Updater's main Dnu.exe file. If you manually update your AOL software, the Download Updater will automatically be reinstalled and you must repeat the uninstallation process.

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