How to Download Ubuntu Linux for Free

by Contributor

Ubuntu is an open source, easy to use form of the Linux operating system. It can be downloaded and installed for free. To get started with Ubuntu, you have to download or order it by mail. This is a guide for downloading Ubuntu for free.


Go to the Ubuntu website (


Click on the "Get Ubuntu Now" button. The Download Page appears, where you can download and install, try it from a CD or USB stick, or run it with Windows.


Click the desired option. Generally, home users will want the newest version. Users setting up a home or office network may consider the Server Edition. Be sure to check the correct boxes for your processor type. Also, choose the download location geographically closest to you for the fastest download speed. As the installation file is quite large, it takes a while to download. While downloading, find something else to do, like reading the release notes and information about installation.


Burn Ubuntu to a CD. The easiest way to install Ubuntu is to put it on a CD, and install from there. Ubuntu is free, so give copies to your friends.


  • check The download takes a long time, so make sure you have plenty of time and bandwidth to dedicate to the cause.


  • close Make sure you computer is capable of running Ubuntu before downloading. Ubuntu 5.10 supports Intel x86, AMD64 and PowerPC systems. For the desktop version, it's recommended that you have a minimum of 128MB RAM and 2GB available hard drive space.

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