How to Download Pictures From a Sprint Sanyo Cell Phone

By Greyson Ferguson

The Sprint Sanyo phone is a wireless picture phone that has been in the Sprint product lineup for several years now. If you currently own and use a Sprint Sanyo phone, you may have a large collection of pictures saved on the device. If this is true, you probably want to download the images from the phone onto the computer so you can easily view the pictures and email them to other individuals.

Download the appropriate drivers to your computer for the Sprint Sanyo. The link in "Resources" has a wide variety of different drivers available for download. Select the particular Sanyo phone and the download begins on your computer.

Connect the USB data cable to the port on the bottom of the phone. This is where your power cable is typically inserted when you are charging the device.

Power on the Sprint Sanyo phone and in a moment the computer is going to state it has detected a new removable memory device.

Open "My Computer" (referred to as "Computer" in newer releases of Windows) and double-click the icon for the removable memory device.

Open the "Pictures" window and click and drag the images from the pictures window of the Sprint Sanyo over to your desktop or any other folder in which you want to store the images. Once the download has completed, close out the removable memory device window, right-click the icon and select "Disconnect." You can now remove the Sprint Sanyo phone from the computer.