How to Download My Sony DCR-TRV310 to Computer

By Johnathan Cronk

The Sony DCR-TRV310 is a video camera in their Handycam line of camcorders. The DCR-TRV310 offers you a large 3.5-inch LCD screen and high quality digital recording via Digital 8 videocassettes. You can download your DCR-TRV310 videos to your computer using an AV cable and video capturing software.

Slide the "Eject" switch forward on your DCR-TRV310 while holding the blue button. The cassette holder will pop open. Slide the desired videocassette into the camera. Push the cassette holder closed.

Open the AV out jack cover on the camera. Plug the AV cable into the appropriately colored jacks. For example, the red cable plugs into the red jack. Connect the opposite end of the AV cable into the appropriate jacks on your computer.

Move the power switch on the video camera to "VTR" while pressing the small green button to turn on the video camera. Allow the camera to power on completely. Open the LCD panel to view the video.

Press the rewind and forward buttons to position the tape on the video to transfer to the computer.

Turn the computer on and allow the computer to boot. Open the video capture program on your computer. Run the program and click "Transfer" transfer the video to your computer. Continue this process until you have transferred all videos.