How to Download Free Songs Onto a Zune

By Amanda Kondolojy

Download Free Songs Onto a Zune
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Although using the Zune Marketplace services by Microsoft is a great play to download music, having to pay for each song discourages some portable media users. Fortunately, there are several ways to get songs for free for a Zune.

Find out where your Zune music folder is. If you're not sure, open the Zune software, and find the folder in the Settings menu. Make a note of this because any free tracks you want to download will be saved here.

Find free music services. Royalty Free Music offers free music that is legal to download, but most of it is by independent or classical artists. If you want more popular music, then you can use ad-supported services like Spiral Frog to download free music. The Resource section below contains links to these websites.

Download the music. When you find a track you like, follow the download protocol (most websites have a button), and click "Save As." When you are prompted to browse for the file's ultimate destination, find the folder you located in Step 1. Then name the file, and hit "Save." Repeat this step for each song downloaded.

Open the Zune software. New files will begin to appear in the center pane of the software. The tracks will appear blank at first, but as Zune recognizes the files, they will be updated with album art and information.

Plug the Zune in, and wait for it to sync automatically (if this feature is enabled), or drag the files over to the Zune icon in the bottom-left corner of the program.