How to Download Songs to My Clavinova

By Peyton Brookes

The Yamaha Clavinova offers downloadable songs for your keyboard.
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The Clavinova, developed by Yamaha, is available in three series: the CLP, CVP and CGP. Each series offers unique features that complement the skill set of the novice or professional pianist. The CLP series, which focuses on beginner training, does not support song downloads. The CVP and CGP series, designed for more advanced players, each have an ensemble mode to blend in additional music, and both allow song downloads. Downloading songs is a simple process, requiring only a few steps.

Insert a USB flash drive with enough space to hold your songs. The Yamaha website provides downloadable songs that you can store on removable media.

Go to the Yamaha MusicSoft website. The site offers a range of songs that you can download to your Clavinova. (See Resources).

Click the "Step 1" drop-down menu to select "Clavinova."

Click the "Select Your Clavinova Model" drop-down menu to select your model. Click "Submit" to execute the compatible product search.

Click "PianoSoft," "MIDI Files," or "Style Files" to search downloadable song files. Browse through the available songs and click the "Add to Cart" button when you find suitable selections.

Click the "Proceed to Checkout" button and create a new account or enter your current account details. Enter your basic contact and payment information.

Click "Submit" to complete the purchase.

Click the "Download" button. Alternatively, click the "My Account" link and then click "Redownload" to display your purchased downloads.

Click "Save to disk." Navigate to your USB flash drive in the "Save" dialogue box. Click "Save."

Right click the file and select "Unzip" from the pop-up menu. This extracts the music files from the zipped folder. Alternatively, double click the download file and copy the files in the zip folder; paste the files onto your USB flash drive.

Insert the flash drive into your Clavinova's open "USB to Device" port.

Open the USB flash drive on your Clavinova keyboard. Click the file on your keyboard's LCD screen to open it.