How to Download a Song From the iTunes Store

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The iTunes Store lets you download music from the iTunes Store to your iTunes Library. Here is how to do it.

Connect to the Internet.

Open the iTunes program on your computer.

Click the "iTunes Store" icon from the "Source" list.

Click "Sign In."

Click "Create New Account." Enter your information and follow the instructions to complete the registration process. When done, return to your "iTunes" window; the iTunes Store should be open.

Find a song by browsing through the links to featured content on the main page. Click an album cover or song name to learn more about it.

Type the name of a song or an artist into the "Search" field in the top right corner and press "Enter." A list of matches will appear n the window below.

Add the song to your shopping cart. Click the "Buy Song" button or, if you have set up one-click shopping, you'll be asked to confirm and the download will begin immediately.

Click the "Shopping Cart" icon. Make sure your order is correct and click "Buy Now" to begin your download.

Once your download finishes, the song will appear in your iTunes library.


  • check If your download fails, click "Store," and then "Check for Purchases" to see if you can resume the download.
  • check You can preview a song before buying it by double-clicking it.


  • close You can only download a file once each time you pay for it. Burn the song to a CD or back it up to your iPod if you don't want to lose it.

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