Where to Download Software for Designing Clothes

By Andie Francese

Fashion design software is a small niche of the software market but many of the products that are out there are of great quality. Instead of running out to a store and buying large and bulky software you can simply find what you're looking for online to download. Captera, Downloads.com and FashionToolbox are three websites that offer fashion designing software. Some are free to try while others require you to take the plunge and shell out serious cash.


Captera.com is a website that offers downloads of all the latest fashion software. It also offers small reviews of each product so you know what you are getting before you make a purchase. They offer everything from textile designing to pattern-making software. You can buy or download each software individually so you only get what you actually want or need. The website has plenty of software to choose from, but the bulk of the software allows you to design clothing and a pattern. You can adjust colors, textures and materials so your vision can come to life through the software before you actually start making the item.


Downloads.com (Link in resources) has software downloads for everything you can imagine, including fashion design. If you think you want a program but you are not ready to pay a huge sum of money for it, the website has several "free trial" software options for fashion design. With a free trial you can give the product a go for a specified period of time, or with limited access. If you choose to buy it you can do it directly from your computer and the rest of the program will unlock.

Fashion Toolbox

FashionToolbox.com is a design software that has been on the market since the 1990's and it is constantly updated to take into account new technology and design needs. The program can be downloaded directly through the website and educational discounts are available if you can prove your status as a student or faculty member, but generally the software runs about $300. The software offered by Fashion Toolbox is for the true designer, but it can be used by aspiring or learning designers as well.

Fashion Toolbox allows designers to experiment with different textiles and materials as well as color combination. There is a pattern feature that allows designers to work out their designs right in the program before going to real materials. The program also offers a "real-time" feature that allows you to adjust the garments to a virtual fit before moving forward. The program is used as a teaching software as well so it is fairly easy to navigate and has a very expansive tutorial.