How to Download & Save Music

By Cesar Castro

Download and save digital music content onto your computer.
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Many people use their computers as personal entertainment systems where they will be able to download content for personal entertainment. You can enjoy music content in many ways, including inserting a CD into the CD drive and playing its music contents. Or you can download and enjoy music content from a music download service without obtrusive CDs with just a click or two. Either way, utilize your computer to satisfy the audiophile in you.

Step 1

Sign up for a music download service. Top Ten Reviews has a comprehensive list of music services that will allow you to purchase and download music files onto your computer.

Step 2

Search for songs by music genre, artist name or song title. Some programs may also have a daily "Feature List," where you will be able to download a specific song for free. Select the songs you want to download and click on the "Purchase" or "Buy" button. If asked, input your credit or debit card information to purchase and download the music file.

Step 3

Select a download destination. The selected folder will contain all downloaded music files into one convenient place. Click on "File" and select "Import" or "Download Destination." Navigate to a place in your computer's hard drive where the downloaded music will save.

Step 4

Save the music onto your computer or a USB flash drive. The downloaded music file will automatically mount onto your computer's hard drive. However, if you want to store the music into an external source to safeguard your music file during a system crash, save the music onto a flash drive.

Step 5

Insert the flash drive into an open USB port. Click on "My Computer" and click on "Flash Drive." Navigate to the music file on your computer's hard drive. Drag and drop the file into the flash drive window. When you have finished storing your music onto the flash drive, disconnect the flash drive from the USB port.