How to Download Photos From a Samsung S630 Digital Camera

by Annie Mulligan

With the Samsung S630 digital camera, you can download the images stored on the memory disk in your camera to your PC's hard disk. Downloading your pictures onto your computer is the best way to store and preserve them and it also allows you to view them on a larger screen, share them with others, print them and edit them with photo-editing software. You can also delete the pictures that you do not wish to save. The steps outlined here come from the manufacturer's user manual, which is included with the camera.

Downloading Photos from the Samsung S630 Digital Camera

Connect the camera to your PC with the USB cable. Turn on the camera. Connect the camera and the computer using the USB cable supplied with your camera. Turn on the computer and the camera and the computer will now be connected. A menu will display on your camera, with these options: Select USB, Computer and Printer. Select "computer" by pressing the up/down button on the camera and then click "OK." If you select "printer" by mistake, disconnect the USB cable and start over.

On your computer's desktop display, select "My computer." Double-click "Removable Disk." Select "DCIM," then "100SSCAM." The image files from your camera will be displayed. Select an image and press the right mouse button. A pop-up menu will open.

Click the "Cut" or "Copy" menu. "Cut" cuts a selected file. "Copy" copies the file. Click a folder where you want to paste the file.

Press the right mouse button and a pop-up menu will open. Click "Paste." This transfers the image file to your computer. Repeat for each image you want to download.


  • check The manufacturer recommends copying the images to the PC to view them. Opening the images directly from the camera can result in disconnection.
  • check A copy of the manual for the S630 digital camera is available at Click "downloads" and enter the model number of your camera. Be sure you are able to download .pdf documents. You need Adobe Acrobat software to do this, which is a free download available at
  • check If you're running Windows XP software, there are other ways to download pictures onto your PC. You can find the steps for doing so at If you are running a newer version of Windows, go to and search using the keyword phrase "transfer digital pictures" for more information.


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