How to Download Rtsp Files

By Elizabeth Bell

RTSP files provide streaming audio and video content.
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RTSP is multimedia file format created by a joint team from Columbia University, Netscape and RealNetworks. Files created using RTSP protocol are streamed online via software such as QuickTime and Real Media. Because RTSP files feature streaming content, downloading RTSP files is not as straightforward as downloading many other file types. Luckily, there are a variety of software programs that make downloading RTSP files a breeze.

Download and install an RTSP file ripping program. See the resource section below for examples of RTSP programs.

Open the webpage with the RTSP file that you wish to download. The RTSP program will automatically detect the file and open a dialog box with the file name.

Click on the file that you wish to download. Click "OK". The RTSP file will download to the default location specified by your RTSP program.