How to Download Adobe Reader to Install on a Different Computer

By Josh Fredman

The Adobe Reader installation process is designed to be as simple as possible; it does not even require you to download the installation file to your local hard drive in order to execute it. This, however, can be frustrating if you do want to download it so that you can, for example, transfer the file to a computer that does not have Internet access.

Go to the Adobe Reader download website, Deselect the optional additional software (such as McAfee Security Scan or Google Toolbar). Click the large "Download" button near the bottom of the page. You will be taken to a new web page.

Wait for the installation window to appear. Once it does, it will offer you two options. These options will be worded differently, depending on the web browser you are using, but are essentially "Install" and "Don't Install." Select "Don't Install" and proceed to the next step. Note: If your web browser has extra security enabled, the installation window may not appear at all. In this case, simply proceed to the next step.

Look for a link near the top of the page which says "click here to download." This is the manual download link, intended for when the automatic installation process fails. Click the link to bring up the download window. It will prompt you to download the file to your local hard drive. The file itself will be an executable file with the ".exe" extension.

Transfer the file, once you have downloaded it, from your hard drive to a portable medium such as a USB flash drive or a CD. You can then transfer it again from the portable medium to the computer where you would like to install Adobe Reader.