How to Download Pictures From Sprint Phones

by Jay Darrington

Many Sprint phones are also camera phones. These phones are capable of taking pictures and videos and are often easier to carry around than even a small point-and-shoot camera. However, getting the actual pictures out of the camera might take a little bit of work, but once you have set it up properly, you will have a camera you can take anywhere.

Physically connect the phone to your computer via the data cable. Note that you may need to install special software or drivers in order to access the phone on your computer. You should be able to access the phone via the icon in your "My Computer" directory.

Email the picture to your email address. Most Sprint phones are capable of sending emails to regular email addresses, and you should be able to attach the picture to the email.

Upload the picture to a website such as Photobucket or Facebook. From there, you can access the picture via a computer and download it with a web browser.


  • check Consider having a Sprint Phone with a Mini-USB port, since many devices take the mini USB port. It reduces the clutter of several proprietary cables.

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