How to Download Pictures From a Samsung Mobile Phone

by Jeff Grundy

Early Samsung mobile phones enabled you to place and receive phone calls and nothing more. However, most modern Samsung phones now allow you to perform most tasks for which you might not normally use a laptop or personal computer. For example, most Samsung phones not only let you make phone calls but also surf the Web, send and receive email or text messages, listen to music, watch videos and even take pictures. With a Samsung mobile phone, you no longer need to carry along a bulky digital camera because most units now include built-in high-resolution cameras. Most Samsung phones even ship with the software application Samsung Kies, formerly known as PC Studio, that enables you transfer pictures from your cellphone to a computer and perform basic editing functions.


Open your Web browser and download Samsung Kies from the Samsung Mobile support website if you don’t have the Samsung Kies or PC Studio CD that shipped with the phone (link in Resources). After you download the Samsung Kies setup file, navigate to it in Windows Explorer and double-click it to launch the installation wizard. If you have the PC Studio or Samsung Kies installation CD, insert it into the optical drive of your computer and wait for the setup wizard window to appear.


Click the "Install" button in the setup wizard window and then follow the on-screen prompts to install PC Studio or Samsung Kies on your computer. Reboot the computer after the installation completes and when the setup wizard prompts you to do so.


Connect the data cable to your Samsung phone and an unused USB port on the computer. Wait a few seconds for Windows to detect and configure the connection between your Samsung phone and the PC. After Windows configures the USB connection, PC Studio or Samsung Kies launches automatically and displays the program launch pad.


Click the "Multimedia Manager" icon in the PC Studio or Kies window and then click "Photos" to display a list of filenames or thumbnail images for pictures stored on your Samsung phone. Alternatively, click "Pictures" in the navigation pane of the window to display the list of photos on the phone.


Use your mouse to click and highlight the photos you want to download to the computer. Alternatively, press "Ctrl-A" to select all of the photos on the phone.


Click and hold one of the highlighted photo filenames or thumbnail images. Continue holding down the left mouse button as you drag the selected images to the "My Pictures" label in the navigation pane. The application copies the selected images to the My Pictures library on your computer.


  • check You can delete the images from your phone after copying them to the computer by selecting or highlighting them and then pressing the "Delete" key.
  • check If your computer and phone both support infrared or Bluetooth you can use one of those options to connect your phone to the PC Studio or Samsung Kies instead of using a USB data cable. To use one of the wireless options, simply select the desired protocol when installing PC Studio or Samsung Kies on your computer.
  • check You must configure your Samsung for the appropriate connection method before you can transfer photos to your computer with PC Studio or Samsung Kies. To configure the connection method, press or tap "Settings," "Connectivity" and then choose the desired connection method. For example, if using the data cable, select "USB Mode." If you want to connect to the computer wirelessly, select "Bluetooth" or "Infrared."

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