How to Download Pictures From a Sanyo Digital Camera

by Diana Bailey

A Sanyo digital camera makes downloading pictures to your computer a relatively easy process. You'll never again have to rush out and have film developed. You can simply download the pictures to your computer and create your prints at home, or you can upload the prints to a online picture developer and pick them up or have them delivered.

Insert the memory card into the computer slot. The Sanyo digital camera has a memory card slot near the battery compartment. Retrieve the card and insert it into the card slot on your computer. Most up-to-date computers have a card slot on the front of the tower. If you do not have a card slot on your computer, you can connect them with a cable that can be purchased at any electronics store.

Select from the Windows "to do" options list. When you insert the memory card, a window will pop up asking you what you would like to do. You can choose to copy pictures to a folder on the computer; view pictures in Media Center; view a slideshow of the images; print the pictures; create a disc or edit the image; or open the folder to view the files. Choose the “Copy Pictures to a Folder on the Computer” option and click on the “OK” button.

Select the pictures. The Windows Scanner and Camera Wizard will then open. It is designed to help you copy pictures from your camera to your computer, your network or the web. Click the “Next” button and select all of the pictures you would like to transfer from the device. You can use the “Select All” option if you want to download all of the pictures, or you can choose “Clear All” and select only the pictures you desire. When all of your pictures are chosen, click the “Next” button.

Name the file in which all of your downloaded pictures will be stored. Enter a title in the “Type a Name for This Group of Pictures” field. You can also use the arrow to select other titles you have previously used. Choose where on your computer system you would like to save the pictures by clicking on the “Browse” button. If you want to delete the pictures you are downloading from the memory card, select the “Delete Pictures from My Device after Copying” option and click on the “Next” button.

Download and print. Once you click on the “Next” button, the wizard will begin downloading from your device. When the download is complete, you can choose to publish the pictures to a website or order prints of the pictures from a photo printing website--or you can choose to do nothing and be finished with the pictures. Click on the “Next” button, then click “Finish” to complete the wizard. A window will open showing the pictures you have downloaded. From there, you can perform various tasks with your pictures, including sending them in an email or printing them.

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