How to Download Pictures From a Blackberry Curve

by Anthony King

The Blackberry Curve is a hand-held media device manufactured by Research in Motion. The Blackberry Curve has many different functions that allow users to access the Internet, send and receive telephone calls, play music and take pictures. Users also can download the pictures they have taken with their Blackberry onto their computer.

Locate the cord that came with your Blackberry Curve. One side will have a USB connector for the computer. Plug that end into you computer and plug the other end into your Blackberry Curve.

Click "Ok" on the message that will pop up on your Blackberry's screen. A message box will now open on your computer's desktop. Scroll through the box and select the option that says, "View all files and folders."

Click the "Blackberry" folder from the window that opens. From the list of folders that appear in the next window, double-click the folder that says "Pictures."

Drag the mouse's cursor over one of the pictures that you want to save to your computer. Right-click you mouse and select "Copy" from the menu that appears. Go to you computer desktop and right-click in any open space on the screen. Scroll down the menu and select "Paste" from the list, this will save the picture to your computer's desktop. Repeat this step for all of the pictures you want to save to your computer.

Safely disconnect your Blackberry Curve from your computer by right-clicking the green arrow icon located in the desktop tray. The desktop tray is the area in the bottom right corner of your screen that has icons lined up horizontally along the desktop toolbar. Click "Close" from the list of options that appear after right-clicking the green arrow icon. A message will appear saying that it is now safe to remove the device.

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