How to Download the My Picture Slideshow Screensaver

by Kayla Lowe

A "My Pictures" slideshow screensaver comes preinstalled on your computer, and it is simply what its name implies---a screensaver that is of your "My Pictures" folder. If you're like many users, you like many of the free wallpapers and images offered on the Internet or your computer is stored with family photos. Well, you can use the images of your choice with the "My Pictures" slideshow screensaver.

Add all the pictures you want to be in your "My Pictures" slideshow to your computer's "My Pictures" folder. Drag and drop the pictures to the folder to add them there.

Click "Start." Click "My Computer." Click "Control Panel."

Click "Appearance and Themes." Click "Choose a Screen Saver."

Select "My Pictures Slideshow" from the Screen Saver drop-down menu. Click "Apply." Click "OK."


  • check Click "Settings" to adjust the settings for your "My Pictures" slideshow such as how fast each picture should flash and so on.
  • check If your pictures aren't in the "My Pictures" folder, they will not be in your slideshow.

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