How to Download Pics From an Olympus Camera

By KR Knowlin

The images you have captured on your Olympus digital camera can only go so far if you keep them confined to the camera. Download pictures from the Olympus camera to a PC to get more mileage out of photos. Importing images will allow you to save them to your computer's hard drive so you can access them whenever you want. Downloading pictures from the Olympus camera will also make it possible to edit and share photos.

Step 1

Plug the Olympus USB cord into a USB slot on your PC.

Step 2

Plug the other end of the USB cord into the mini-USB port on the side of the Olympus camera.

Step 3

Power on the camera. The screen will indicate that the USB connection is active.

Step 4

Use the camera's navigation buttons to highlight the "Storage" option on the screen. Then press the "OK" button to select it.

The computer will recognize the camera and the AutoPlay dialogue will appear. Select the "Import Using Windows" option, then click "Import." A new window will open displaying the progress as the pictures download to your PC.