How to Download Photos to a Mac Computer

by Tony Smith

Downloading photos from your digital camera to your Macintosh is easy to do with Apple's iPhoto software. iPhoto is pre-installed on all new Macs sold since 2003. Besides organizing your photos, iPhoto also provides an all-in-one photo downloader that works with almost all digital cameras without the need for additional manufacturer software.

Connect & Download

Connect your digital camera's USB cable to the camera's USB port.

Plug the digital camera's USB cable into a USB port on your Macintosh

Set your camera to "play" mode and turn it on.

Wait for iPhoto to open. It will say "Loading photos..." then "Ready to import X (the number of photos on your camera) items".

Click "Import" and wait for your photos to show up in your iPhoto library. Turn off your digital camera, unplug the USB cable and you're done.


  • check You can choose to delete the photos from the digital camera or leave them on there by clicking the "Delete photos from camera" check box on or off.


  • close Do not unplug the USB cable until after you've turned your digital camera off or you could risk data loss.

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