How to Download Photos From Cell Phone Cameras

by Kayla Lowe

Many cell phones feature cameras built into them, which makes it extremely convenient for users to take photos while on the go without having to lug around their cameras. Once you take pictures with your cell phone, though, you might want to download them onto your computer so that you can print them or email them to others without utilizing your text messaging service. If you want to download photos from cell phone cameras, you can do so with the appropriate hardware.

Insert the MicroSD memory card inside the cell phone. The MicroSD memory card slot is located on the side of most cell phones, but some cell phones feature them beneath the back cover next to the battery.

Open your cell phone. Navigate to your photos. You usually do this by clicking "Menu," "Media," "Pictures and Video" and then "My Pictures."

Scroll to the photo you want to download from the cell phone. Click "Options." Click "Move to Card Memory." The photo is moved from your cell phone memory to the MicroSD memory card. Repeat this step for each photo you want to download.

Remove the MicroSD memory card from the cell phone. Insert the MicroSD memory card within the USB adapter. Plug the USB adapter into the USB port located on your computer.

Open the USB drive. Click "Start." Click "My Computer." Click "USB Mass Storage Drive."

Click the "My Pix" folder. Drag and drop the photos from the memory card to their desired location on your computer hard drive.


  • check If you have many photos to download from your cell phone to your computer, then click "Edit" and "Select All." Click "Copy" and then paste the photos into the desired location rather than having to drag and drop each photo individually, which can become time-consuming.


  • close Once you move the photo from your cell phone memory to your card memory, the photo is no longer on your cell phone's memory.

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