How to Download PDF Files From an Email (6 Steps)

By Laurie Rappeport

Download a PDF file from an email
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A PDF(Portable Document Format) file refers to a file format created by Adobe Systems. The PDF file was created to allow users to transfer two-dimensional documents files more efficiently. PDF files can include text, graphics, images, and interactive links and buttons. Graphics designers appreciate the fact that PDF files can display on almost any application and any computer system. Users can download PDF files from the Internet or from an email. Downloading a PDF file necessitates an activated Adobe Acrobat Family software program pre-installed in the computer which will download the PDF file.

Step 1

Install Adobe Acrobat reader software into the computer. Click on the "Download" button on the Adobe's Reader Web page. Click "Save File" on the pop-up window and wait for the Adobe Reader file to download. Choose the folder in which to download Adobe Acrobat. Click "Allow" when the pop-up window asks for permission to allow the program to make changes on the computer. Click "next" on all pop-up windows and click "Install". Allow the program to install. This can take anywhere from thirty seconds to a few minutes.

Step 2

Open the email with the PDF file.

Step 3

Right-click on the attachment icon, indicating the attached PDF file.

Step 4

Run the cursor down the drop-down menu until it touches "Open With", and then, to the right of "Open With," double-click on the option "Adobe Acrobat". The PDF file will open.

Step 5

Click on "File" on the PDF file's toolbar and then "Save A Copy".

Step 6

Choose the file folder in which to save the PDF file. Click "Save". The PDF file will download into the computer.