How to Download PDF Books

by Gwendolen Akard

With the rise of the Internet, thousands of books have become available for free download and reading on your computer. You can download books in genres from philosophy and foreign literature to American classics and short stories. There are many websites that allow you to download free electronic books in PDF format. It takes just a few minutes to have a PDF book ready to read on your computer.


Go to the Many Books website (See References for link). Select a browsing option from the left-hand list or search for a specific book. Click on the title you wish to download. From the drop-down list on the right, choose "PDF." Then, select "download." The download will start immediately.


Go to the Feedbooks website (see References for link). Search for a specific title or browse by categories under "Public Domain" and "Original Books." Click on the title you wish to download and select "PDF" from the right-hand menu. The download will start automatically.


Go to the UPenn Online Books Page (see References for link). Select one of the options on the first page to begin browsing. Click on the title you want. You will be redirected to another site, often Google, where you can download the book. If it is Google Books, you can select "PDF" from the right-hand menu. Almost all of the sites allow you to download books in PDF format.

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