How to Download Pandora to the LG Optimus for Metro PCS

by Randall Blackburn

The LG Optimus provided by Metro PCS runs the Android operating system. Therefore, you can download apps such as Pandora through the Google Play Store. Pandora is available for free, and as long as you have a data plan with Metro PCS, you can download the app from the Play Store and automatically install it after the download completes.


Tap the “Application Launcher Key” on the bottom navigation bar on the LG Optimus. The All Apps screen launches.


Scroll to and tap the “Play Store” icon. The Google Play Store main page opens.


Type “Pandora” into the “Search” input box, and then tap the “Search” icon. A list of results is returned. The Pandora app is listed first.


Select the “Pandora internet radio” entry. The Pandora details page opens.


Tap the “Install” button in the Pandora details page.


Choose the “Accept & Download” option to accept the terms of service and install the app to your phone. The “Install” button changes to “Remove” when you've installed the app. A Pandora icon will appear on the All Apps screen. Tap the “Open” button to open the newly installed Pandora app.


  • check Your Google account must be configured on the LG Optimus to access the Google Play Store.
  • check Tap the “Application Launcher Key,” and then tap the “Pandora” icon in the All Apps screen to open Pandora after installation.

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