Where to Download Online Games for Free

By Tanya Watkins

You can play games on your computer without spending a cent. Several websites are dedicated to offering computer games for free. Some of the games that are offered are trials before you buy, while others are completely free.


Download-Free-Games.com offers many classic games for download. Family Feud, Monopoly, Scrabble, Bejeweled, Life and Risk are a few of the games offered. This website offers a variety of categories including card games, board games, kid games, puzzles, racing games, simulations, war and strategy games and word games. The site offers games are completely free or free trials of games you can purchase. Free trials allow you to try out the game for a limited time or have some features locked. They require you to buy the game to continue playing or unlock some features. No adware or spyware has been reported from the site, which offers more than 800 games.


Net-Games.biz offers free games to download as well as web-based games, a players club and multiplayer games. The website's offering of free games includes action, arcade, racing and puzzle games. It lists players with top scores, the 10 most-popular games and ID's of new users.

Yahoo! Games

Yahoo! offers a large selection of web-based games, which don't require downloads, for adults and children. Yahoo! also offers free games that can be downloaded to your computer--some of them free trials.

Yahoo! offers sports and education games for kids. It also offers arcade, card and holiday games. If your child gets bored of games easily and is always looking to play something new, give Yahoo! a try.

Disney Games

If your child loves everything Disney, consider the Disney website. Most of the games include Disney characters. They include Hannah Montana Rock that Beat, Tink's Fairy Tag, Bayou Adventure, Pixie Hollow and Zake and Luther's Donut Run. Sign up with a Disney account to have access to these favorites.