How to Download Old CorelDraw

By Greyson Ferguson

Edit images on your computer.
i preparing the file image by Pix by Marti from

CorelDraw is an image editing software, similar to Adobe Illustrator. With the program you not only are able to create your own image but manipulate content that already exists. Although it is possible to obtain the latest version of the software, doing so comes at a high price. Instead, if you are not picky with the version you are using, you may download an older version of CorelDraw from the Internet. Corel itself does not provide these downloads, but it is possible to obtain the contents from a third-party website.

Visit the CorelDraw download page (see link in Resources).

Click the "Download" link next to old software listing. A prompt appears, asking if you are sure you want to download the file. Select "Yes" and the file downloads directly to the computer.

Double-click the downloaded file to load the old CorelDraw installation wizard.

Accept the end-user agreement, leave the installation name and location as-is, then choose "Install" to install the old CorelDraw software onto the computer.