How to Download Nook Books to the iPad

By David Weedmark

You can read Nook ebooks and magazines on an iPad or iPad mini.
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If you buy e-books from Barnes and Noble, you can download and read them on your Apple iPad with the free Nook app. After you sign in to your account, all the Nook books you purchased in the past are displayed in the app library. Unfortunately, at the time of publication it isn't possible to purchase new books from within the app, but you can buy new books from the Barnes and Noble website using any Web browser, including Safari on the iPad.

Downloading Nook Books

Step 1

Confirm your iPad is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Launch the "App Store" on your iPad. Tap "Search" and type "Nook" in the search field. Select the "Nook" app by Barnes and Noble. Tap the "Free" button and enter your Apple ID password if prompted.

Step 2

Launch the Nook app when it finishes downloading. Enter your Nook username and password as prompted. The app displays the covers of all the books, magazines and newspapers you have purchased.

Step 3

Scroll through the list of books to find the book you are looking for. You can filter the displayed list by tapping the "All Items" button and selecting "Books," "Magazines," "Newspapers," or "Archived." You can also search for a book by tapping the "Search" field in the upper right corner and then typing its name.

Step 4

Tap the "Download" button at the bottom of any book cover. The button turns into a status bar indicating the progress of the download.

Step 5

Tap the book to open it when the download is completed.

Step 6

Tap and hold any book listed in your library if you want to delete it from the iPad. As you hold down your finger, an "Archive" or "Delete" option appears. Select an option. You can download the book again later if desired.

Step 7

Purchase new books from the Barnes and Noble website after logging in to your account on any Web browser, including Safari on the iPad. As soon as the book is purchased, it should be visible in the app. Tap the "Refresh" button on the app if the new book isn't visible.


Step 1

Launch a Web browser and go to if you are having trouble downloading a purchased book on the Nook app.

Step 2

Sign in to the website and select "My Account." Ensure that your payment method is up-to-date. For example, if your credit card has expired, you need to update this information.

Step 3

Tap the "Refresh" button in the Nook app on your iPad. If you can see the book but can't open it, tap and hold the title and select "Delete" or "Archive." Try downloading the book again.