How to Download a MySpace Video

By Brandy Alexander

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MySpace offers a variety of videos, such as movie trailers and music, that you can view directly on the website. Although sharing this media on other Web pages is possible, MySpace does not offer a way to download the video file. Perhaps you want to view this movie in other video players like Windows Media Player or iTunes, or maybe you want to have the ability to view this file on your portable device. Fortunately, you can use a third-party application with your Firefox Web browser to download a MySpace video and view it as you prefer.

Use the Flash Video Downloader Add-on

Launch your Firefox Web browser, click the "Add-ons" option from the "Tools" menu and click the "Get Add-ons" tab.

Click the "Browse All Add-ons" link on the right and type "Flash Video Downloader" in the "search for add-ons" text field.

Click the "Add to Firefox" button and then follow the Firefox prompts to install your application and restart your browser.

Navigate to the MySpace video that you want and click the blue arrow button to the left of the address bar. Click the "Download" button in the dialog that appears and then click the "Choose" button to pick the location on your computer where you want the video file to go.

Use the Fast Video Download Add-On

Enter "Fast Video Download" in the "search for add-ons" text field.

Click the "Add to Firefox" button and follow the dialog prompts to add this feature to Firefox and restart your browser.

Access the desired video on MySpace and click the "FVD" button on the top or bottom right of the browser window.

Select the MySpace option in the drop-down list and use the dialog box that appears to choose a location for the video file download.

Using Download Flash and Video Add-On

Type in "Download Flash and Video" in the "search for add-ons" field and click the "Add to Firefox" button. Click through the dialog window prompts to complete the add-on installation and relaunch your browser.

Locate the MySpace video that you want to download and click the arrow button in the bottom right corner of your browser window.

Select a download option from the drop-down list and then choose where you want the downloaded file to go in the dialog box that appears.