How to Download Music for Wii "Rock Band"

by Rex Molder
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"Rock Band" is a video game available for the Nintendo Wii game console that lets up to four players play popular songs using a controller fashioned to resemble a lead guitar, bass guitar, drum set and microphone, or any combination of the four. The game disc comes with 58 songs with varying levels of difficulty. Over 1,000 additional songs are available in the "Rock Band" online store, which are accessible for purchase through the Wii console using Wii Points.

Purchase Wii Points

Step 1

Purchase Wii Points using the Wii Shop Channel, accessible from the main menu.

Step 2

Read the user agreement and click "I Understand" to accept the terms, if this is your first time accessing the Wii Shop Channel. Click "OK" to proceed to the channel. On the welcome screen, click "Start Shopping."

Step 3

Click the "Add Wii Points" icon and select "Buy Wii Points with a Credit Card." Select the number of points you wish to purchase. Each point costs a cent.

Step 4

Select the credit card type you want to use. Nintendo only accepts Visa and MasterCard. Enter the name, number, expiration date and security code on the card and click "OK." Enter the billing address associated with the card, without using any punctuation such as periods and commas, and click "OK."

Review the purchase details and click "Yes." Once the process is complete, a confirmation page will appear showing you the number of points you purchased.

Download Songs

Step 1

Ensure you have an SD card inserted into your console. This is where the new songs will be saved.

Step 2

Start "Rock Band" and select "Get More Songs" from the main menu. Select "Rock Band Music Store."

Read the confirmation screen and if everything is correct select "Yes" to confirm the purchase. The song or songs you selected will download to the SD card and be available to play. The time required for download will depend on the number of songs you purchased and your Internet connection speed.


  • You can also purchase preloaded Wii Point cards from selected retailers.


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