How Do I Download Music Sent in an Email?

By Michael Davidson

You can easily move attachments to emails to another drive on the computer.
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Email has made communication and the transfer of information an easy and convenient process. Small files can be sent by email, instead of having to mail a disk or flash drive. Email allows small files to be delivered anywhere in the world in seconds. Common files sent this way are media files, such as pictures and music. Opening music files through email is a quick and easy process.

Downloading Procedures and Considerations

While there are differences in how email programs function, they are usually work the same way when it comes to email attachments. Once the email is opened, a notification will appear near the top of the screen that the email contains an attached file. Make sure that the file extension, which is the last three letters of the file to the right of the period, matches that of a music file to ensure you are downloading a song and not a file that can harm your computer. Common music file extensions include MP3, MP4 and WAV. Click the file name to download the audio file to your computer.

The computer will likely send you a confirmation message via a pop-up screen asking if you want to download the file. Click "Yes" and the file will start downloading to your hard drive. The download location will depend on your computer settings, but a common destination is the Windows desktop.

Once the file is downloaded, run a virus check on it before you play it. Even with a music extension such as MP3 or WMA, the file could be an executable virus file that can damage your computer once opened. If the virus scan is clean, click on the file and your default music player will open to play the song. If the player advises that the file has a file extension different than what is listed, delete the file as a precaution and do not play it. Verify with the sender that the file sent was the one intended and that their computer does not have any infections.