How to Download Music on an iMac

by Todd Bowerman
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Making the transition from Windows to Mac can pose challenges. One of the most difficult things to get used to when swapping operating systems is how to perform simple tasks such as downloading files or opening programs. Since Macs come equipped with their own software suite, it can take a few weeks to grow comfortable with how everything works. You can download new music to your iMac computer using iTunes, the music software package that comes with all new Macs.

Step 1

Open iTunes. Look for the icon that resembles a CD with a music note. ITunes software should come pre-installed on your iMac.

Step 2

Click “iTunes Store” on the left-hand menu bar under the “Store” category.

Step 3

Click the “Search Store” field in the upper right-hand corner of the iTunes screen, and type the name of the artist for whom you wish to search. You can also search by song title or album.

Use the search filters on the top of the screen to ensure you are only viewing song results. Find the song you want to download and click the “Buy” button. The song or album will download into your library as soon as you confirm your purchase.


  • Never download music from unlicensed sources. Free music downloads are not only illegal in many cases, but can contain harmful software that may endager your computer and personal information.


  • If you’ve never purchased anything from Apple via their website, you will need to register for an Apple ID. You will receive a prompt to log in when buying songs; if you don’t have an account, just click “Register” and Apple will walk you through the registration process.


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