How to Download Music & Burn a CD

By Greyson Ferguson

Burn a CD from downloaded music.
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If you download music to your computer, you more than likely want to listen to it at a later date. If you can't take your computer with you, then the music must either be placed onto an MP3 player or a CD. Burning the downloaded music on a CD gives you the ability to listen to the audio on any CD player.

Step 1

Locate the music you want to download from the Internet. If the music is available for free download from a site, you typically right-click the file and select "Save file as," then select the location on your computer where you want the music placed.

Step 2

Launch the download software you use to download music. The most popular of these being iTunes. In iTunes launch the iTunes store, select the music CD you want to purchase and click "Purchase." After completing the account and purchasing, set up the music downloads to your iTunes media player.

Step 3

Launch the media player you typically use to listen to music (usually either iTunes or Windows Media Player). Create a new playlist ("File," "New Playlist"). Click-and-drag the downloaded files into the playlist. If using iTunes, select "Recently Added," right-click the tracks and select "Add to Playlist."

Step 4

Insert the blank CD into the CD burner on the computer. Close out any AutoPlay and other prompt windows.

Step 5

Click "Burn" on the media player. The downloaded music in the playlist is now burned onto the CD.