How to Download Music to an AT&T Phone

by Kefa Olang

AT&T has raised the bar with their cell phones by incorporating MP3 playback capabilities. Downloading music to your AT&T cell phone has never been simpler and includes the added convenience of knowing that you don't have to walk around with an additional MP3 player. Using Napster Mobile and eMusic Mobile, you can search from millions of classic songs and new releases, preview them and download the music files to your AT&T phone.

Press the "AT&T; Music" button on your AT&T; phone.

Select "Shop Music" to access Napster Mobile and eMusic Mobile on your phone.

Browse for the songs that you want and select "Preview" to sample the songs before downloading. AT&T; allows you 30 seconds of preview time.

Select "Download" when your are satisfied with your selection. The song selection will be downloaded directly to your AT&T; phone.

Press the "AT&T; Music" button on your phone and select "My Music." Use your keypad to scroll through your playlists. When you have found the song you want to play, press the "Play" button on your phone. The play button may be located on the side or top of your phone, depending on the model that you have.

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