How to Download Music Into Your Alcatel (5 Steps)

By Paul Higgins

You can transfer audio files from your computer to your Alcatel cellphone. Most Alcatel phones have a built-in media player that plays digital audio files. The music file transfer is conducted through the proprietary Alcatel PC Suite application.

Step 1

Launch Alcatel PC Suite. Click "File and Multimedia" in the left pane of the Alcatel PC Suite.

Step 2

Select your phone model from the drop-down menu and click "Next."

Step 3

Connect your phone to the computer using the phone's USB cable. Select "Com1" when a message pops up on your phone.

Step 4

Use the left pane of the PC Suite application to locate the songs that you want to transfer. Select the files, then drag and drop them in the right pane of the PC Suite.

Step 5

Click "Transfer" to transfer the music files to your phone.