How to Download on MP3 Player

by Mitchell White

Although sometimes MP3 players may come with a few sample songs, in order to get more on them you'll have to buy them online and then download them onto the MP3 player through a USB cord. This will usually involve using a program that can do this for you, or else dragging MP3 files onto your player yourself.

Download a program to help you download music on your MP3 player such as iTunes. Click on the download link below and then click on the download link on the main website. Make sure you click on "OK" or "Run" on any window prompt that appears.

Install the program by double-clicking on the installation file that appears on your computer. Open the program when ready. Since MP3 players don't tend to have the ability to connect to the internet themselves, you'll have to download music onto your computer first. You can buy and download MP3 songs right off of iTunes.

Hook up your MP3 player to your computer through the USB cord. click on "Sync" in the iTunes program, and the songs in iTunes should download on your Mp3 player. If you have an MP3 that's not in iTunes, you can drag it from its folder into the iTunes program first, and then sync.

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